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Von Miller

Originally Posted by Broncoman13 View Post
There will be 6 playoff spots from each conference. Top 2 seeds get a bye in week 13. Week 14 is seed one vs winner of 3 vs 6 or 4 vs 5 (lowest ranking seed remaining), see two will play the other winner (highest ranking team remaining). Week 15 each conference will have their championship game. Week 16 is champion from each conference vs one another... winner takes home the jersey. The two 'losers' from the previous week will face off for 3rd place.

Glad you mentioned this btw, I need to tweak the schedules to make sure we end on week 12 rather than week 13 so we don't have the Championship on week 17.
TBH a superbowl in week 17 works rather well from what I've found. Generally the weaker team has a slight advantage though.

(I love more football, so an extra week of play is fantastic imo)
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