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DeAngelo Hall will not be punked by tall female reporters

DeAngelo Hall is not about to let a female reporter make him look short. That's why he asks Comcast Sportsnet Washington's Kelli Johnson take off her high heels when she interviews him.

Confronted on the topic by Johnson's colleague, Chick Hernandez, Hall copped to the truth.

"She was too tall. If I was 6 feet like [Carlos Rogers], I wouldn't have to do that, but I'm 5-11, so she definitely had to take them heels off for me," Hall said.

"He demands I do this every time," Johnson added. (Visual evidence and quotes provided by Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog.)

I can identify with Hall. Unfortunately, Johnson would still be taller than me even if she was slightly crouching with her shoes off.

(I also once dated a girl in college that was three inches taller than me. When she wore heels to dinner, it looked like her 12-year-old brother was visiting for the weekend.)

My advice to Hall: own your height. It lacks confidence to cover it up. The Redskins only list you at 5-10, which means you are probably shorter than that.

I also recommend dating short women. That helps.
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