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Malik Jackson

Why do people want QB's devalued Seriously, RB's are no longer a premier position in NFL football and really have not been relevant since TD put up 2000 to get DEN to the SB. Why do you want to value Cedric Benson over Tony Romo?

I just guest drafted in a league where The Backup QB could be your flex player. Now, that was a crazy draft. 14 QB's drafted in the first 2 rounds with standard scoring rules. At least QB's were being drafted ahead of rookie RB's

Anyway, I like QB's getting the full 6 points they get in a game for TD's and 1 point per 25 yards with Bonuses for 300 yards and 3 TD passes in a game. I think its stupid QB's get penalized for throwing TD passes in FF. Or, how about everyone gets 4 points per TD scored
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