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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Where you been the last few weeks? It's time for the Amigos/Musketeers 5-year anniversary!

I'm back on Atkins, August 20 ... Ugghh.

Wrote this on FB:

How do you make an expensive, lusciously marbled Ribeye beefsteak UN-appealing? By going back on the Atkins Diet for the fifth time in three years. Just picked up 10 steaks, 3 pounds ground beef, a bunch of chicken, turkey, tuna, mayo, cheese and eggs. UGH! The Atkins Diet definitely works, works like magic in fact. But EEEEW, steak again?!
I saw that actually, I posted somewhere that holy crap it has been 5 years. But technically, I was on the DPO site with a lot of these chaps before. Well good luck on the diet!
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