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Chris Harris

Bumping this thread for two reasons, maners:

A. I'm done with college and could afford to lose some weight that I've gained over the years from doing one too many beer can curls.

and B. Summer fun is mostly over so I figure now is the time to start getting inside in the gym rather than enjoying the nice weather.

I'm 5'9"-5'10" and have a good amount of muscle mass from weightlifting over the past few years and remaining fairly active playing club hockey. I can bench my own weight and keep up with serious lifters, etc.

I'm looking to lose 30-40 pounds (hell, maybe even more) of mid-section by next summer. This would leave me looking nice and cut and whatnot. Size 36 waist as of now.

Any tips? Reading through this thread I see some outstanding weight loss stories.

I eat right, for the most part. I eat mostly chicken, salads, etc and my diet should get even better now that I won't be wasted at college three nights a week or more.

I have a stationary bike in my house, so I plan on riding that. Any core exercises besides pushups and the standard ab workouts?

Thanks in advance guys and gals.
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