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Originally Posted by HAT View Post
WOW....Bitter much? You replied as if I was complaining. Excuse the **** out of me for being curious.
No worries HAT, Nick and I have both been getting our asses kicked with work and then trying to make time to work on the site. The biggest issue is the deluxe league. Having two conferences that are within the same league is why is cost so much more and Myfantasyleague is the easiest site to set up for our kind of league. The deluxe league allows both conferences to draft from the entire NFL Roster so you don't have 20-24 teams picking the same players... you'd end up with Brandon Stokley as your #2 and Daniel Graham as your TE in a league that big.

So your question is fine, but there was some thought put into it and I'm posting the $$$ status to be transparent and in the spirit of disclosure, so that everyone knows where their money is going.

Oh, and as far as me and Nick not getting anything out of this, I full expect that we will be taking the left over $4.45 and buying a couple cups of coffee... though at today's rates we'll probably have to bring some money to the table for that as well!

Seriously, no worries on the questions and I am fine answering them here in the open. The $180 would be great to put towards prizes, but our overall FFL experience would suffer trying to do it through another site and the other sites that do have deluxe type leagues charge nearly the same, maybe $20-30 less.

Rather than looking at is as 4 owners worth of entry fees are going toward the site, think of it as a pct of everyone's entry fee is going toward the site. Also keep in mind, you get what you pay for. Myfantasyleague is a great site for hosting leagues and it makes for a lot of fun. We can even play Fantasy Survivor for a $20 prize or something. In fact, we may just do that... when we get the full 24 owners.

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