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You addressed this to Bman but I am co-commish so I am going to reply.

You want to know why we are using that site? Because that is how the past OM league has been set up and the bylaws and rules are already in place. At this point its too late to change and truthfully we wouldn't consider anything else.

Remember BMan and myself have real jobs AND families. This set up makes it easier to run the league in which you are ENJOYING. So that $180 to me is the fee that makes this league possible while still giving out some great prizes.

We could scrap the league entirely. It would be easier that way because we wouldn't have to hear the b****ing and moaning about when the draft is and why we haven't "sat" together to get everything perfect for the users. Trust me its easier to return the money than have people complain about how we run the league.

BMan and myself don't stand to gain anything from this league other than to have a good time. We aren't getting any kind of fee to organize this and we aren't guaranteed any kind of winnings. We volunteered to run this league because we thought it would be fun.
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