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Adam Weber


From the league safe site:

ALCON, We are up to $315 now! The FFL site costs $179.99. I've already begun to set up the league but am waiting to get some more owners to pay before purchasing the league. I will wait until we have at least 10 players to purchase which will ensure we have at least enough $$$ to pay for the site and provide the top prize (authentic jersey!) to the winner. 10 players will give us at least enough to purchase the league and provide that top prize. The additional 10-14 players will give us the ability to do weekly prizes and other performance prizes! Looking forward to a great season! GO BRONCOS!!! Commish Alex (BMan13)
What's the reasoning behind using a pay site to manage the league? Why not espn, cbs, yahoo, etc. (I know they each have their issues but free is free?)

$180 bucks is 4 whole entries. I'm in either way but was just curious as to why take that much out of the prize pool?
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