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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Scott Pioli drafted kind of crappy for NE during his tenure there. Odd that after he leaves the Pats have two solid drafts in a row and the Chiefs blow their top 3 pick. This doesn't bode well for their class this year.
I agree that Pioli's tenure in NE was bad as drafts go. Their drafts really weren't that great over the years. They excelled in picking up free agents on the cheap, shore up their weak spots and get them to overachieve, but that's more on Belichick's eye and his coaching.

Also, wasn't Dorsey a Herm pick? Dorsey in particular seems to be getting a raw deal because he's the square peg being forced into a round hole.

I think he could be good in the right scheme. Probably a year or two more floundering in KC's 3-4, they'll trade him for peanuts to a new team and for his sake, he'll live up to his potential.
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