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Brian Dawkins

Originally Posted by Binkythefrog View Post
Make sure to check the monthly costs. I was going to do this, until I saw that after 5 months the cost went up and over 110 dollars a month. I don't need all of those other channels, but I signed up only for Sunday Ticket. I went with Choice Ultimate, since I got free HD with that.

I wonder if I can get those discounts everyone is talking about if I'm a new customer starting mid September (I signed up online)... my gut says no. But maybe its worth a try. I'm paying the full 60 over 5 months for Sunday Ticket.

I just signed up for the Premier deal too.....what the rep told me that if after the 5 months are over and i don't wanna pay the regular premier price I could downgrade to Choice or whatever the one is below Premier at no cost. Just signing up for the Premier is a good way to get the Ticket and all the movie channels for 5 months for the cheaper price then change it.
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