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Brandon Marshall is still a beast. I am watching the replay of the Jags/Phins game. Brandon Marshall didn't start off too fast, but he's been making plenty of plays. So far he is responsible for three TDs and he didn't catch any of them. The first one, he ran a deep out and was ahead of his guy by a few steps, Henne took the safe route and hit the receiver crossing the middle, running toward BMarsh. BMarsh proceeded to lock his guy down and picked up a second guy in the process, Fassano ran in for a 50 yard TD untouched.

The second TD Marshall was merely a decoy drawining the coverage away from the middle of the field. As Henne looked toward Marshall, the safety covering the TE left the TE for Marshall giving Henne a decent window to throw.

The third TD was to Ronnie Brown, once again Brandon Marshall was downfield blocking two guys giving Brown a seam to get into the endzone.

Receiving- He has been hot, especially in the 2nd quarter. He had one easy drop that flew right through his hands. Probably as bad as the 2nd drop he had last week. The rest of the time he has caught the ball and he has yet to go down on first contact. He probably has 25 yards after the catch at this point and most of that yardage is from catching the ball, stopping on a dime and then making a guy or two miss. Very similar to what we're accustomed to seeing him BMarsh.

I don't miss his antics and the constant worries over his off field issues, but I sure do love watching this kid play. He's fun!
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