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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Those days look good for me as long as its a later eastern time start.

Seriously though, about the rules. I really want to play in a QB WR dominated league and not be drafting Cedric Benson in the first round. Seriously, who wants Benson as their top pick? Not me.

How about we play PPR and QB full 6 points for TD league? I still think FF is in the dark ages. RB's basically suck and get way too much FF coverage.
We will figure something out Med. Perhaps go with QBs receiving points for
10 yards passing rather than the traditional 25. Or we could just go heavy on bonuses for QBs where they receive higher points than RBs or WRs for the 300 yard passing games.

But really, in the end most of the QBs have scored better than most of the RBs with the traditional scoring system. In the end, you end up with a pretty good balance of RBs, QBs and WRs drafted in the first round. It's not like the old days where it was 10 RBs and TO didn't got until about three pix into the 2nd round.

But I do get your point that with RB corps being the norm across the NFL now, finding a bellcow back is kind of difficult... And for that reason, I would consider drafting Benson.
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