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Orange Julius

Nice. That should cover it. Am guessing we will have one or two that back out. So 20 total is pretty ideal. If we have 22 that truly plan on playing, we will need two more to even everything out.

Originally Posted by missingnumber7 View Post
Here is the list as I have found it so far.

1. Broncoman13
2. CBF1
3. DomCasual
4. Missingnumber7
5. Jason7730
6. extralife
7. IronClady
8. HAT
9. TheMVPlayer
10. McApaOps5
11. lostknight
12. skunk
13. worm
14. Mediator12
15. Dos Rios
16. go broncos
17. Arkie
18. NeverBeenToDenver
21. DeuceOfClub
22. underrated29

Added names, we should probably make sure everyone wants to participate still. And find a draft date and time.
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