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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Without looking them up, they sound a bit like Jefferson Starship. Singer sounds alternately like Bryan Adams and Steve Perry.

Okay I'll look them up: Never heard of the guy, but "The Storm" included Gregg Rolie, Steve Smith and Ross Valory?! All victims of the tidal wave that was Steve Perry's insecure ego ... they don't sound at all like Journey though ... they opened for Bryan Adams and Peter Framptopn, nice! Bryan Adams is underrated.

And Chalfant sang with 707 ... he could be good for them
Yeah, some notable talent in that group but turned out to be more generic AOR stuff that sounded like all the other Orion The Hunter (members of Boston), GTR (members of Genesis and Asia), Archangels (Double Trouble)-type bands--big names, underwhelming music.
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