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Originally Posted by Broncoman13 View Post
How does it remind you of Woodley? Two completely different positions. Didn't you say earlier that it was pointless to compare Smith to a player of a different position? But even if we go down that path, Woodley earned signficant playing time in year one. He was even able to get three or four sacks that first year. By the 2nd year he was a starter and not even close to battling for a roster spot... he then went on to have double digit sacks.
I said it was pointless to compare the successes of other players on different teams in order to try and not justify our selection of Smith.

I am comparing their situations and what their fan bases were saying. Fans expected more out of Woodley than what he showed in his first year. A lot of people were already calling him a bust because he didn't play lights out his rookie year. The past two seasons, he has performed extremely well and been one of the better young pass rushers in the league. He earned his role, good on him.

I hope for our sake that Smith makes the team and has some sort of showing to give us hope for the future. Right now, he is battling for a roster spot!
The Broncos aren't going to cut Smith after one season. He will make the team. It really isn't that big of a battle.

Champ, Goodman, Cox, Jones, Dawkins, Hill, Bruton, McBath, Smith/Carter or do you think we'll keep 10?
I'm guessing that those would be the ten that we keep.
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