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Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
Even the solos?

Wow - that would be no small achievement.
Well hold on, let me clarify that a bit ... it's not so much that I could play LIKE him, it was more there was no MYSTERY to anything he played. I'm no kind of prodigy I assure you, but I could see all the notes he played in my head without even thinking about it. Might sound a bit odd that I admire solos merely because they're hard to figure out, but that's just me.

Take this one, their biggest hit ... the first 22 seconds there sound great, really really great. But you know what I mean LA, it's all one simple pentatonic scale: Everything starts on the same base fret, lower strings all use the same two fret jump, the higher B and E strings a 3 fret jump, extending up two more frets for the higher stuff.

Plus it was a small sample size ... I was maybe 16 and we tried out just a couple of their songs ... when it comes to fast, 3-chord blues-based rock, there's a helluva lot to choose from. And come to think of it, there was this loud, irritating kid from New York always hanging around, trying to play guitar and bass, screaming in our faces about how great Woodstock was, and how he knew "exactly where that farm is." Only time he ever left us in peace that summer was when he went down to the Cooper to see Star Wars again (and again and again and again). Guys like him had no business visiting Arvada, Colorado, much less moving there permanently.

Actually, I might've made a breakthrough here ... I think he was the real reason I didn't much like Ten Years After

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