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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Not splitting hairs, I am just reading the depth chart as is. You were disingenuous about it.

Happens all the time.

Yes, and I do too -- I think we all do. My point is that I will give him more than just a year before I go and throw him under the bus. Reminds me of the Steelers/Woodley situation.
How does it remind you of Woodley? Two completely different positions. Didn't you say earlier that it was pointless to compare Smith to a player of a different position? But even if we go down that path, Woodley earned signficant playing time in year one. He was even able to get three or four sacks that first year. By the 2nd year he was a starter and not even close to battling for a roster spot... he then went on to have double digit sacks.

I hope for our sake that Smith makes the team and has some sort of showing to give us hope for the future. Right now, he is battling for a roster spot!

Champ, Goodman, Cox, Jones, Dawkins, Hill, Bruton, McBath, Smith/Carter or do you think we'll keep 10?
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