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Originally Posted by Broncoman13 View Post
Okay, right now Smith is behind the GOAT, our 2nd CB who was ranked #82 in overall YPA... he was ranked 70th or worse in the short, medium, deep, and vertical levels. He was the 2nd worst starting CB in the entire NFL based on YPA.
Do you really believe Goodman was the one of the worst starting cornerbacks in the NFL last season?

Also, in case you haven't seen the depth chart lately, a 5th round pick is in front of him, a 2nd year UDFA, and a FA pick up from Miami who has generally looked pretty damn poor in camp. I'll give Smith credit though, he has managed to hold off 7th round pick Syd' Thompson and has the team's 6th CB spot secured at this point. So you have Champ, Goodman, Cox, Jones, and then maybe you can start talking about where Smith fits in the competition with guys like Carter, Vaughn, Thompson, and the rest of the no-namers.
Glad to hear that Cox is impressing in camp. I've read mixed reports on Nate Jones, ups and downs. And FWIW, Smith is not behind Tony Carter, he is actually ahead of him. He would be the fifth. Nice try, though. Plus, it is early on in the pre-season. Where Smith is right now doesn't matter to me, it is where he ends up performing -- and I hope for our sake and his, it is better than a sub-package corner.

It has everything to do with what he's shown on the field. And you can attribute it to being young all you like, the fact of the matter is you have two young guys in front of him right now in a 5th round pick and an UDFA from Smith's same draft class.
Once again, I fail to see where Carter is ahead of him.

Bailey, Goodman, Cox, Jones, Smith and Carter is how I read the chart. Are you looking at it upside down?

Unlike you, I am not going to judge Smith's worthiness on the team after one season. I'll wait and see how it plays out.
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