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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
My guess is to use it as a tactic to paint the Smith selection as one worse than it was. [Which is yet to be known for sure, he has played one season.]

"Well, look at these guys we could have had instead of Smith -- look how well they played!"

Who even knows if they were on our board or players we were even interested in. I see no sense in comparing the career of a cornerback to that of a linebacker or running back anyways. Clearly, it was the focus of the Broncos Brass two drafts ago to address the secondary by getting Smith, McBath and Bruton. We also did it this past draft too with Cox, Thompson and several UDFA's.

Smith should be judged based on his play, not what someone else on another team did that was drafted after he was selected by another team.

Right now Smith is playing behind one of the GOAT at his position and another solid veteran in Goodman. Hopefully in time, he'll be able to up his game and take over for them. The height of his selection would indicate that the coaches think that he can. Well, I'd assume.

Okay, right now Smith is behind the GOAT, our 2nd CB who was ranked #82 in overall YPA... he was ranked 70th or worse in the short, medium, deep, and vertical levels. He was the 2nd worst starting CB in the entire NFL based on YPA. Also, in case you haven't seen the depth chart lately, a 5th round pick is in front of him, a 2nd year UDFA, and a FA pick up from Miami who has generally looked pretty damn poor in camp. I'll give Smith credit though, he has managed to hold off 7th round pick Syd' Thompson and has the team's 6th CB spot secured at this point. So you have Champ, Goodman, Cox, Jones, and then maybe you can start talking about where Smith fits in the competition with guys like Carter, Vaughn, Thompson, and the rest of the no-namers.

It has everything to do with what he's shown on the field. And you can attribute it to being young all you like, the fact of the matter is you have two young guys in front of him right now in a 5th round pick and an UDFA from Smith's same draft class.
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