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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I'm really not a fan of Mauluga's. I think he fell because his football IQ is very low. In fact I believe him to be borderline retarded. I think he's the next LaVar Arrington. Byrd? I suppose, but I actually think Bruton and McBath might both emerge. Not saying they'll be better than Byrd, but they played well and I don't feel we "missed out" by taking them. Three safeties would have been a stupid draft. Darius Butler does look like the better corner at this stage, but one season in isn't enough for me to decide one way or the other. It will take several years to know for sure. And really, if Smith emerges then it's all moot.
Very true, but to me taking a CB that lacks size and speed when guys with good size AND speed are available is poor drafting. I think they were expecting Alphonso Smith to come in and be able to make all of these ballhawking type plays and now we are seeing that he has too many limiting factors (size and speed) to make the leap in the NFL.

As for Maualuga, I wouldn't argue that he's dumb as a box of rocks. But football IQ is not the issue with that guy. You can say he plays with wreckless abandon and sometimes that will cause him to be out of position, but there have been some really good players that lack discipline that have turned out to be just fine. One of the best DTs in the NFL right now (Haynesworth) is the epitomy of a player that lacks discipline within a system but still continues to make plays. Sometimes you have to be able to look at a player and say, yeah he isn't the sharpest cat, but all he does is make play after play. There are plenty of players like that in the NFL.

And when it's all said and done, I hope that Alphonso turns out to be a stud player. Maybe he just needs more time than most to make that leap, but I think it's fair to expect he at least break into the dime packages in year two. I mean, we're talking about the 37th overall pick and a player the Broncos thought very highly of, obviously. And don't forget during McD's end of season presser, he did mention the draft and did mention getting players that were a little bigger or a little faster. He also went on to talk about Smith and how he expected much much more from him beginning in year two. Now we have some conflicting camp reports regarding his play, but one thing is certain... based on the Broncos evaluation he is on the bubble right now and is the team's 10th DB.
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