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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Wow, there's a few things you didn't know.

So why do I never meet anybody else who likes Chicago? Can't swing a dead cat without hitting a swarm of Eagles fans, but Chicago fans apparently lurk in the shadows or something.

Why is Jimmy Pankow never recognized as one of the great pop songwriters (which he is)?

Why is Terry Kath never recognized as one of the great guitar players (which he was, he was Hendrix' favorite)?

Where are all these fans hiding?

I like a point. The first two albums are really solid and I'd recommend them to anyone. After that though, things get spotty....afterall, how many groups can keep cranking out high quality double LP's year in and year out? That's impossible for any band. They were also burdened by some of the very worst production in the history of popular music in the 70's (totally the fault of James William Guercio, a man who should've never been allowed even close to a mixing board).
I'd be okay with any Chicago release (save that horrid live album from Carnegie Hall) up to Hot Streets....that album was the beginning of the end IMHO.

That said, I'd still take Blood, Sweat & Tears Child Is The Father To The Man over any of them...not only because it beat Chicago to the punch but also because of Al Kooper being the driving force behind it.
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