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Originally Posted by R8R H8R View Post
Well, I have had NFL Ticket for several years now, and most of those years I have had to call DTV to negotiate the price. I always told the 1st guy/gal that i wanted to cancel, then they transfered me to the retention dept. who are able to negotiate.

Anyway, I called yesterday and went through the routine, and when I told retention that I would cancel unless I got last year's price ($24.99 6 mos.). She said she could offer me $29.99 for 6 mos., and I told her no, I really wanted last year's price or I would have to cancel.

She then proceeded to cancel my NFL service altogether; she called my bluff. So, right now I don't have the Ticket for the 1st time in ages. Oh well, I may call them back before the season starts, or I have 2 sports bars close by I can go to. We'll see.
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