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Originally Posted by SoDak Bronco View Post
question for DTV vetrans. I have had my DTV for about a week, I've noticed some annyoing things that I've never experienced. On my main TV I have surround sound hooked up, and a lot of the DVR'd programs I tape don't have volume when I tape them, so I have to use the TV volume which is just annoying and not as good. NFL N I always have to use the TV volume, it never comes in, also a lot of nonHD channels have the same issue, while it works on most others.

Also, do you guys pay the 5.99 ADP plan for your receivers, remote, dish?
sounds like it's some setting regarding pushing out digital audio...just guessing though.

RE: the $5.99...absolutely. In 2 years, I've had one HDDVR go bad, the dish needed re-adjusting, and my non-HD tuner bit the bullet just today.

Here's a trick though: I didn't do the plan when I signed up. When my antenna needed re-aimed, that's when I signed up for the protection plan, and then once I had that going I called for the adjustment. They were ok with it as long as I continued w/ the plan for the duration of my contract.
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