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Steve Atwater

ok my story.

called a week ago and was told sorry $300 (6 x $50) and I can take $10 off for 6 months. i said no thanks just leave as is whle I "mull it over"

called back 10 minutes ago and got the $20 x 6 off so total price of $180, and when she was done with that I said What is this sunday ticket to go im reading about, I have an iphone. she said hold on, normally $10 x 5...FREE!!!! just have to download the app onto my phone and can watch live streams as well as highlights right on my iphone....saaaweet!

ALSO, there is a new broncos directv remote control for sale if you go to thier site too. looks to be about $24 after taxes kinda nifty, may order that this week too
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