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Wesley Woodyard

Originally Posted by Miss I. View Post
Overhyped movies? hmm, well I agree about Titanic and Pearl Harbor and am not a big fan of Avatar personally. I think a lot of Oscar films tend to get overhyped. Was not a big fan of Daniel Day Lewis in "There Will be Blood." I thought he overacted worse then some silent film actors. Also, thought American Beauty was overhyped, I thought they were just a little too smug to be interesting. And I was like, really a plastic bag floating around so beautiful? It was so smug as to be patronizing. I know I am going to get burned for this, but most of the Vietnam films I have seen I thought were overhyped, like Platoon. Most Oliver Stone films seem overhyped to me and usually disappoint me.
American Beauty! And Kevin Spacey won an academy award for best actor for acting bored. I act bored all the time and do a better job with it. Maybe it was cause he was whacking it in the shower to start the movie. Most overhyped piece of trash ever. Trying to come across as deep and meaningful... blah.
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