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Fone Bone

Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
Will do, the lineup is impressive and Peter Buck rarely (if ever) participates in anything that isn't totally worthwhile
Tired Pony
Tired Pony was formed by Gary Lightbody (of Snow Patrol), who had a "long-term ambition" of making a country album.[1] He revealed the project's existence in May 2009. In the interview, he expressed his love for country music, which he said he had loved for a long time: "I always thought I had a country album in me and it turns out I did."[2] The rest of Snow Patrol expressed excitement for their band-mate, "delighted that [Lightbody was] getting to exorcise all his crazy ideas."[3] In October 2009, Lightbody in his blog on Snow Patrol's website revealed the members of the group to be Richard Colburn (of Belle & Sebastian), Iain Archer, singer Miriam Kaufmann (Archer's wife), and Jacknife Lee. He talked about two more members whom he was very excited about, but didn't name them.[4][5] He also stated that the album won't be country as was being reported,[2][6][7][8] but would be "country-tinged".[4] In January 2010, Hot Press reported Peter Buck (of R.E.M.) to be a member of the group. Lightbody described Buck as one of his "all-time heroes" and admired his talent for playing a variety of instruments.[5] Lightbody looks at the project as something he has "wanted to get out of [his] system", and said that "[he doesn't] know whether people will dig it or not."[2] He has expressed doubts about the commercial viability of the group's work, mainly in the United States.[9]
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