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Fone Bone

Originally Posted by McKid A View Post
Uh, Nickelback? I like BSS alright. They've put out some good albums, but they do have a sound that is kind of muddled, hazy and meandering even in studio. I think it works, but I can see it not translating great live or not appealing to a lot of people.

I listed to that cover album once, didn't need to hear it again. I thought the Lips last album, Embryonic, was really solid, so I think they are still going strong. Just a side project that might get some curious listens, but nothing to remember too long.
I love the Flaming Lips, saw them twice, once at Red Rocks. Embryonic was good, not as good as the previous releases since the Soft Bulletin (although Evil is one of my all time favorites of theirs) but that Karen O song drove me nuts. Hated it.

On a Flaming Lips note, has anyone ever down the Zaireeka CD with all 4 at once?

When I bought the Spoonful weighs a ton cd singles in the late 90's they had a song from Zaireeka on 2 b sides that played side by side were amazing, but never the same.

Always wanted to get 4 friends together in a parking lot and blast it.
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