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So I just called and asked if there were any good deals for Sunday Ticket and mentioned I paid $150 last year. The lady lowballed me and took off a whopping $15. I told her that wasnt good enough so she gave me the $20 off for 6 months. She then asked if she satisfied my needs. I questioned if there was some 24 months of free hd if I signed up for auto-pay. She said yes and looked it up for me and said I qualified. She then threw in the ticket to go thing also. When she was talking about the free HD though she kept on calling it free HD for life. Is this the same as everyone else or am I going to get this credit of $10 for longer than 24 months?

Either way Directv pulled through again. I have a love-hate relationship with them. Still can't believe I dont have local HD's here yet, but I'll deal with it a little longer. I know a lot of people with DISH and they are never allowed to get good deals on receivers or packages.
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