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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
I did my negotiation call today. When the robot asked what I wanted, I said "cancel service." I told the customer service rep that I no longer wanted Sunday ticket because it's too expensive and told her I paid $150 last year, and I could barely manage that. She offered me $20 off for the next 6 months - I told her that was close to what I could do - it's not much, but another $30 would make it the same as last year and that would be something I could justify. Times are tight with the economy and all. She came back with an additional $50 off for the first month, and I said DEAL!

So - I'm in for $314-$20*6-$50 = $144.

Easy negotiating. Maybe I got lucky, maybe I'm just such a great and fantastic customer, maybe I'm a rube who is getting ripped off on some other package and they are desperate to keep my money coming. Either way, I'm back in.
Next negotiator should say they have a friend that is thinking of signing up and that you are sure this price would close the deal and would DTV offer the same deal to this friend and someone here would love the deal I am sure. Just ask the rep for a code to verify.
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