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I did my negotiation call today. When the robot asked what I wanted, I said "cancel service." I told the customer service rep that I no longer wanted Sunday ticket because it's too expensive and told her I paid $150 last year, and I could barely manage that. She offered me $20 off for the next 6 months - I told her that was close to what I could do - it's not much, but another $30 would make it the same as last year and that would be something I could justify. Times are tight with the economy and all. She came back with an additional $50 off for the first month, and I said DEAL!

So - I'm in for $314-$20*6-$50 = $144.

Easy negotiating. Maybe I got lucky, maybe I'm just such a great and fantastic customer, maybe I'm a rube who is getting ripped off on some other package and they are desperate to keep my money coming. Either way, I'm back in.
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