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Originally Posted by montrose View Post
Maybe they could cut costs by not showing the Broncos games this year and putting the Bears, Redskins, Dolphins, Lions and Browns on two channels each so we can see some REAL FOOTBALL!

Talent, underrated. Go Shanny!
Interceptions, overrated. Go Cutler!
Drops and beating women, overrated. Go Marshall!
Playbooks, overrated. Go Hillis!
Blocking, overrated. Go Scheffler!

Maybe I'll buy Sunday Ticket if Bowlen cans McDouche and hires Kyle Shanahan to get rid of Tebow, Dawkins, Thomas, J.Williams, Goodman and those guys and brings back the real ballers like BMarsh, Scheffler, Clarett, Middlebrooks and THenry. Jamie Winborn 4 life brother...
So I am noticing a theme here the last few days...
Have you decided to become Bizarro Montrose in an effort to lampoon Shanahan apologists?
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