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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Homer Simpson View Post
The Flaming Lips thing was for a New Years show, and it got such a good reaction they did it at a couple of festivals and got such a huge reaction and so many requests that they decided to record it, it was done quickly.
Granted. It still seems to me to be the onset of a trend though, not for the FL's, but for the genre at large. I'm concerned about it for the genre because, IMHO, it seems like such a backward thing to do....unless they tweak it to almost unrecognizable levels of course.

The Gorillaz have a few good singles, they are not an album band, although Bobby Womack is brilliant.
I'm definitely NOT a fan of them, but the cameo choices the people behind it make are both surprising and smart. Resurrecting Womack is a great example, the jaw dropper for me is when they got Mark E. Smith to do a track.

The National are brilliant.

It's all opinions, Black Keys can't really be compared to the National or Gorillaz. Very different styles.
True. I don't mind The National at all, just feel that the Black Keys latest is far more interesting and deserving of the #1 spot.

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