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Floyd Little

New Teenage Fanclub album, their first in more than 5 years, just released in the USA.

Quick thoughts:

No major surprises here, it's the same Big Star/Byrds/Beach Boys mix that they've been messing with for the past four albums. That means the top notch, trademark three-part harmonies, jangly leads and rhythms, catchy hooks and melodies are all still present and accounted for. They are getting softer in their approach however and at times almost come across as echoing mid-70's California soft rock Frankensteins like Firefall and Pablo Cruise. A track here and there faintly recalls the old days of Thirteen (mainly "Shock And Awe" ), but fans of the early albums will be just as disappointed by this as they have been with the Fanclub's releases since 1995.
The rest is graceful, classic guitar pop by nothing short of grade A craftsmen. The type of thing that has become a true anachronism these days.
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