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Hemanuel Sandrs

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post

There's a research drug that's generally used on animals, but it has a miracle-esque fat loss effect on humans. The FDA would never approve it because it jacks your heart rate and blood pressure way up, so if a human WERE to take this, they'd need to have a good BP rating and in good shape anyways.

So since this is illegal for human consumption, I naturally "didn't take it". But my "lab rat" had incredible results. "He" experienced these side effects: shakes, super elevated heart rate, cramps, sensitive skin, but combined with a solid diet and workout routine, the results were unbelievable.

If anyone is considering ordering this research drug (Clenbuterol) for use on their "lab rats", please PM me first for proper dosing information, etc.
I was on the light rail, and I heard of a unique way to use said research drug--in liquid form--topically in a mix with a topical fat loss catalyst called Eviscerate, that would make your lab rat shed subcutaneous fat without the side effects (depending on the dosage of clen) because it's not systemic, but transdermal. If your lab rat can handle the burn (intensity, from what said rat reported, is related to the amount applied), the results would be remarkable.
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