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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I'm not sure where I am at. I haven't been able to really do what I want with my kidney disease relapse. I know that at some point this year, I was as low as 170-175 pounds, and then over the past months with the relapse setting on, I got back up really high and put on weight. I know the treatment has made me lose most of that, but the steroid doses will make me gain weight over time. Once I get home on Saturday after graduation, I'm gonna get back to the doctor, do the whole check-up thing and try and make a plan. Getting healthy from this disease is priority over the weight though, but I feel pretty good now.
I was given steroids last year for an allergic reaction, a month of being in a complete fog when I had the biggest appetite know to man. Seriously. Steroids suck...
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