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Default ATTENTION GUESTS! Membership drive during draft week...

Attention lurkers... If you haven't done so, I would reccommend getting registered over the weekend... Starting Monday night, the board is going to go in "Membership Drive Mode" meaning that only registered members will be seeing the regular updates on the board during this very exciting draft week.

There are sure to be plenty of rumors leading up to the draft, so don't delay in getting yourself registered so you don't miss a beat.

The past three years, since the Orange Mane Discussion Board has started, we have been THE place to be on Draft day, with the most users and the most activity during the event. We expect to have our fourth record breaking draft traffic year in a row, and being the astute webmaster that I like to think I am, I want to take advantage of that by using this opportunity to bring in some new and fresh faces and perspectives. It's your participation that makes this board one of the best available across the spectrum of football boards...

So don't delay... Registration is quick and easy... Simply click here, fill out the information, and then check your email for confirmation. Painless.
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