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Originally Posted by oubronco View Post
Awesome dude! exactly how did you do it
well, let's just say I had a lot of extra time on my hands, so I had the choice of either sitting around, feeling sorry for myself and getting fatter, or I could use this time wisely and make the most of it. So I began small, run ten laps, walk ten laps, up to 100, then I would increase it more and more each week. Now I can run like a mufugga, not to mention ride to work (34 miles round trip) twice a week and lift all the time. But the most important thing I did was managed what I ate. I cut out virtually ALL carbs and starches, ate high protein and ate 6 small meals a day, to get the metabolism going, and it hasn't stopped yet! I am currently at 180 (179.6 on Friday) and loving it! the cool part is that I can bench, shoulder press, and curl all the same amounts I was lifting when i weighed 240.
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