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Originally Posted by Bronco Yoda View Post
As if he can't get this girl or someone else knocked up in his parents basement? Is there a special birth control force field in Texas I haven't heard about?

Here's the thing.... better to face all the demons up front rather than run away from them.

Some here are disparaging this girl because she made a mistake early in life... one that probably derailed her schooling. Young pregnant girl quiting school... now there's a shocker! Some here must be really sheltered in life.

She could be a very nice girl that is overwhelmed with life. Or she could be a crazy mess of trouble. We don't know. Fact is even this guy doesn't know... AND THAT IS THE BIG PICTURE HERE.

Why is he willing to take on such baggage? If it's just in his personality, then it will only happen again... thus a serious wake up and smell a life lesson is in order (sooner is better than later).

If he just stays around his family with her he's more likely to be blinded by his families objections (BTW, which is perfectly understandable. It's their responsibility) only to push back against the 'push back' and will stay with her in spite of it!

And nothing let's life's little 'surprises' in more than complacency being around all that's comfortable.

No, IMO, best he REALLY finds out now what he's in for....NOW.... He needs to get out of his comfort zone to ensure clear thinking... and she needs to be around her old haunts to reveal what she's REALLY LIKE.

Best he finds out what she's really like around her own friends. Best that he meets this baby daddy now rather than later when it's too late to bail.

The OP already made up his mind before he posted this. And no one here is going to get him to break up with a girl we don't even know. So anything pertaining to this is just BS.
Bolded is the primary reason we're making fun of him.

Secondly, out of all the excuses you are making for him and her, she's still the one who has a child she's obligated to and responsible for and doesn't work to provide for him/her. Which becomes sadder when OP reveals he makes 30k a year, and how much even a modest contribution of 20k working entry level garbage work would do for that child.

So get off your ****ing high horse of calling us "sheltered" or "we don't know the circumstances". No **** we don't know the circumstances. We know what he's told us in a thread where HE asked for advice. And about "sheltered", everyone has problems in life, it's how you react to the problems and bounce back that defines you.
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