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Originally Posted by ghwk View Post
Still no info on the child custody situation, what the father is like and what kind of pain in the ass he will be etc etc. There are whole areas unexplored here that have the potential to keep this thread alive for my amuSeimiant.
The father is a huge issue here. For a couple reasons.

Now it's assumed that he's a deadbeat. He could stir up some trouble if he felt like it, or he could get pissed off that there is a new guy around with his child. Funny how people don't want something until somebody else has it.

On the flip side, what if he's not a deadbeat. What if he's actually a good guy, but the chick is just an ass. It's not really talked about, but some single moms are in that situation because of their own doing. There are fathers out there who want to be in their child's life, but some crazy mother is not letting that happen.

If this woman is a single mom because she ran the guy off or won't let him be a father to his child, then homie is extra screwed.
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