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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by UberBroncoMan View Post
Rev may be a playboy, but the dude is pretty much the epitome of what women go after (Alpha Male). Has insane confidence, takes charge, works out, seems to have a job, financially stable, etc. He knows what he talks about.

When I was 20 I let a girl drag me around and it was it ended with me becoming the man and putting my foot down. I ended that **** on my own. Learned a lot through it, so maybe you need the experience too. That or you like being told what to do. I had tons of people telling me, **** no, don't get involved with her. I didn't move or anything crazy, but I was willing to. I was not thinking strait. Young and stupid as many say. So yeah... perhaps this is a needed experience.

BTW you spelled stupidest wrong.
That was SOOOO sweet... wanna run off to Myrtle Beach together? I'll take care of you and your kid baby... it's us vs them.
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