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Nathaniel Irvig

Originally Posted by McFoneco1331 View Post
I asked for the supidist name to change to, but she said TheReverend was already taken.
Rev may be a playboy, but the dude is pretty much the epitome of what women go after (Alpha Male). Has insane confidence, takes charge, works out, seems to have a job, financially stable, etc. He knows what he talks about.

When I was 20 I let a girl drag me around and it was it ended with me becoming the man and putting my foot down. I ended that **** on my own. Learned a lot through it, so maybe you need the experience too. That or you like being told what to do. I had tons of people telling me, **** no, don't get involved with her. I didn't move or anything crazy, but I was willing to. I was not thinking strait. Young and stupid as many say. So yeah... perhaps this is a needed experience.

BTW you spelled stupidest wrong.
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