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Originally Posted by orangeandblueblooded View Post
Hey since this is an advice thread, I figured i could ask for a little help too. I met this girl and we are in love very much. We make passionate love to Michael boltin and everything is going great. The only problem is her brother. I constantly have to bail that guy out of jail and he is always using my car. Worse, when he stays over she always sleeps in his room. She says that they are very close and that I should be a man and sleep in my own room. I don't know if the air condition is broken but they are always sweaty in there. I love her and am happy to run to the store for cigarettes and whip cream for them( that's what they like to eat I guess) and I keep my car gassed up for him all the time.

Anyways, she wanted me to buy hima condo and give him an allowance. I really love her, but her brother is taking precious time away from me that could be spent rubbing her back or watching our favorite Meg Ryan movies. What do you guys think I should do?
Sleep with the brother and see if she gets jealous
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