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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Break up. Dead serious.
I agree. Or at the very least take a serious look at what she is doing and what she has done to be that stable influence in your life.

Obviously, I don't know anything more than your first comments but...

1) No high school diploma,
2) child with somebody else (didn't work out for whatever reasons and it could be a very good thing...I don't know),
3) can't find work that will cover her gas costs (really?? or is that an excuse?),
4) wants you to move back to her home town without a job for either of you. What can of plan is that?

What makes you think she's got any plans or follow through. It's tough to get work. You've got to be tougher. Life with small kids, school and work is a heavy load no matter how you trim and scrape and scrap. I don't see mental toughness here. I see a drowning person pulling you under. You can't help them when they can't think and react properly to save themselves.

This sounds like she wants you away from your family. And your family sounds like they want you to stop and think and be prepared and succeed.
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