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Chris Harris

I guess for me, it would totally depend on how long you have know this lady and how much do you really like her. I got hooked up years ago and looking back, we really didn't have much at all in common. We just thought we did.

My ONLY piece of advice would be don't be afraid of either path. Some people are afraid of change and commitment and don't ever take the risk and do what you're talking about and some people are the opposite. They like the risk and even after a short time with somebody, they feel obligated to somebody or even fear changing the course of their life, even if that means breaking up. You have to figure out what you want but you can't be afraid of either path. That may be confusing but I guess to sum it up, is do what you feel is in YOUR heart to do. I honestly can admit that part of the reason I got married many years ago was because I didn't want to cause my girlfriend of a few years any heart ache. I knew she had a rough up bringing and life was not fair to her and now that I look back on it, as our relationship is rocky as all hell, I never asked myself, what do I really want. Just make sure you think about that. What do YOU want, for now and the long run. Not the both of you, but just YOU.

Good luck dude
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