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Originally Posted by McFoneco1331 View Post
Oh boy, what do I say in responding?

Thank you for your opinions.

Side note, I mentioned this thread to her, and she saw it, and had this to say in a nustshell:
and what were the results? 20% of the people actually gave you legitimate advice, some told you to wait and save up more money, make investments, etc etc, and the rest of that 20% (the majority of it) told you to follow his heart, that you have nothing to lose.

the other 80% told you in a nutshell, that you're an idiot, to break up with me immediately, and go get laid by some hot chick in texas.

Oh, and that she doesn't like this forum because its mean >.>

haha, I liked that last comment she made.

Nonetheless, after much thinking, you guessed it, I'm going to move. Go ahead and queue this thread up for 6 months if you like, but I truly feel this will be better for my life than not going.

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement and thoughtfulness everyone, and I hope to make it out to a game this year. Couldn't last year because my brother sold all his tickets, I told him I want the Rams game to see my alumni Sam Bradford though.

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