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Nathaniel Irvig

Yeah, I'm not sure about the point of this thread. As others have said, it's quite apparent McFoneco made up his mind and has latched onto the minuscule amount of people who favor him moving. His vision is so diluted he actually called it the "majority" of people, who told him to follow his heart. Very skewed version of reality.

The fact that he showed the girlfriend this thread just shows that she has him on a leash and that she owns him. That alone is a warning sign, and he's too blinded by Disney True Love to realize it.

Rev is right. You don't deserve your penis ... you need to control your own life, but you also need to step back and realize what the hell you're getting yourself into. Don't settle for less unless you truly don't value yourself... in which case, being some chicks puppet might be what fits you best.
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