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This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen dude...i prolly wouldn't be with someone that has a kid, no job and no HS diploma to begin with!

I think she may want to be closer to the baby's dad and is just using that she isn't happy as an excuse to move closer! Not that that's bad but why hide it if in fact she is?? If for no reason why closer to where she's from and further from where your from?? Why not CO?? AZ?? ND??

I think she's holding you back and using you. I wouldn't be surprised if she got her feet underneath her she wouldn't up and leave you!

If you really love her and vice shouldn't be a problem to wait at least until you find a better job there and have some money saved up. No offense but it doesn't sound like she thinks very logically! Tell her this and observe her reaction..i mean, why June?!?! Why not October or February of next year?? It's easy for someone like that to say when there not the one supporting the "family". I think you'd be making a dumb decision and will regret the decision a year to 3 years down the road from now if you go there with her. Something just doesn't seem right imo!!

Just my .02...
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