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Originally Posted by Bronco Yoda View Post
But did you really waste your time? I bet you learned things that most take decades to learn. In the end are you better for it? Did you learn something? Are you wiser now.

Some things in life can only learned through trial and error. We all have to get knocked down before we get up again...

Yes, I did waste my time. But like I said it was worth it. Doesn't mean I wouldnt do things differently but as you said I came out better, smarter, wiser and with a fat 3 year old who is awesome....

Thats why i gave him the candy scenario. some things you can learn on your own. It will be tougher, but you will get the full meaning of them. or you take peoples word for it still learn it but not as much or in the same way.......For me atleast- had I taken the blue pill- I probably would be able to retire at 30...Now I basically am starting over from scratch only I have a 3 year old i have to support too. But that will just make me work harder and be better. Maybe this was the best for me.? Same could be said for him....But I am not sure. Could be too early for me to tell.
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