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Simon Fletcher

McFoneco, this chick is holding you back of becoming a productive citizen. She wants you to go back to her part of the world where her life wasnt very good. She is 22 and already damaged goods. Sorry, but it is true. She has no education, no job, no aspirations it seems and a 4 year old kid. You really want to get involved with someone with a kid at 25? Plus, she wants you to move to easier living so you can probably work side by side with her at some truck stop or Waffle House. You should look at yourself and see why you are settling so low. Are you an easy push over? Do you have low self esteem? If you want to get out of Texas, go for it. If you really need to stay with her, tell her she needs to stay away from the misery of her hometown and get her **** together and have that GED by the end of the year and then enroll in college. Furthermore, if you moved to South Carolina, will you have to deal with the loser that knocked up your girlfriend? In my eyes, you picked a loser in life. Nice girl but you are making excuses for her and she might never change. If you dont listen now, how does "Step Daddy" sound to you?
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