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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
"She hasn't had a job because she continues to get hired at a place and either not like it"
People don't typically work because it's 'fun' - they work because they have bills to pay. Now you shouldn't stay working somewhere you are miserable - but the whole 'I didn't like it' at multiple places is a red flag. Have your girl get a job and KEEP IT for six months - THEN start making 'us' plans. Moving across country with nothing lined up is asking for disaster (you begging to move into your parent's baSeimiant, or the like)

Also - 'she's going to get her GED' is the equivalent of 'she hasn't gotten her GED'. She's certainly had the time, considering her age. A lot of people are 'thinking of going back' or 'really committed to getting a degree' or whatever.

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